Employees form labor unions to gain legal protections and rights, to have a voice and a seat at the table of power, as well as to improve their lives. A labor union is simply an organized association of employees formed to protect and further their rights and interests and to advocate on behalf of employees.

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NAGE EMS local labor unions are found at various employers and worksites, and are supported by the national resources of NAGE. Such resources includes professional attorneys, EMS experienced contract negotiators, EMS experienced labor representatives, lobbyists, support staff, and industry specific and issue oriented specialists.



With these resources, NAGE EMS locals are provided with top-notch union representation. NAGE provides representation with your employer, with decision makers, and in the halls of power. NAGE acts as YOUR advocate, YOUR representative, and YOUR opportunity for making your lives better. Because in the end, it's YOUR voice. NAGE is just the megaphone to make sure your voice is heard.

What difference a union makes‚Äč

At the same time, NAGE EMS locals have the autonomy to make their own decisions, control their own futures, and set their own path. NAGE EMS offers employees the autonomy of local control while having the national support of a powerful public safety union.


A legally binding contract to protect you

contract (1)A legally binding, legally enforceable contract between NAGE EMS (the employees) and your employer

A union’s job is representation and to negotiate and enforce a contract with employers for union members. A labor contract is a legally binding document that governs the behavior of both the employer and employee. Consider that most employers will not do business with another company without a contract. Together as a NAGE EMS local, your workforce becomes a legal entity and NAGE will negotiate a labor contract covering your wages, benefits, and working conditions. NAGE does this with professional contract negotiators and member-led bargaining teams who maintain complete local control.

Our contract negotiators, led by Chief Negotiator Richard Anderson, have negotiated hundreds of strong contracts for EMS professionals like you. They know what it takes to get you the pay, benefits and working conditions you want, need, and deserve.


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