You wouldn't go near your aircraft without verifying it was safe to do so. The safety area exists to prevent injuries or death, identify hazards, and promote safety among anyone working in or around your aircraft.

NAGE EMS acts as a safety area for you in matters of your employment. Hazards could include unfair or unsafe employer policies, wage/benefit problems/working condition that could hurt your ability to perform your job at 100% capacity, training/safety/equipment issues, or possibly even questionable business practices of your employer. NAGE EMS represents employees in ALL matters related to their employment because NAGE EMS is YOU!

The FAA and other government agencies won't let your aircraft fly without required maintenance, training, and safety related approvals. NAGE EMS acts as the employee's safety area because you shouldn't fly unless you are ready and able to do so in an environment that is safe and secure for you.

NAGE EMS does this through representing your interests to various branches and agencies of government, representing your interests to your employer through often collaborative labor/management work sessions, and through a legally binding labor contract that governs your wages, benefits, and working conditions.


For your aircraft, a safety area is a prudent step to prevent malfunction and possibly disaster. Don't employees deserve their own safety area? NAGE EMS can be that safety area for you!


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