Joining NAGE EMS

Information-iconThe process for joining NAGE EMS is governed under Federal Law and managed by a government agency called the National Mediation Board (NMB). In this process, all information is kept confidentially and the process ends in a secret ballot vote. Your employer will never know that you signed a membership card for NAGE EMS. Neither NAGE EMS or your employer will know any individual voted.




You can join NAGE EMS in three easy steps:

  • Contact a NAGE EMS organizer and ask questions. Become fully informed. The organizer will assist you in all aspects of bringing NAGE EMS to your workplace.

  • Working with an "Organizing Committee" made up of you and your coworkers, you will get "membership" cards signed by a majority of your workforce.

  • The NMB will schedule a secret ballot election and employees will confidentially vote on whether or not to join NAGE EMS.


For more information or to get questions answered, contact NAGE EMS. All conversations are kept fully confidential. You are not obligated to join NAGE EMS and your employer will never know you made the call.


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